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Accident waiting to happen

October 5, 2011
Linda Koenig
The “Importance of Crosswalks” article (Aug. 25 edition, page 1) inspired me to discuss another unsafe practice our Westfield youth are participating in. Not only is it unsafe, it is potentially deadly. As a parent and grandparent I would want to know if my family was involved in this.

Our beautiful area hills are apparently too much temptation for skateboarders to resist. For the past two years various young people have been skateboarding on Hardscrabble Road. In 2010 there was a very bad accident resulting in a young man hitting his head and sustaining a traumatic injury. No helmets or safety equipment are ever worn. We have tried reasoning with these people and have actually contacted authorities when they were using our driveway without permission for a launch ramp. Our attempts did nothing to discourage this.

Now the sport has moved onto Sherman Road which has a much steeper incline. These skateboarders reach impressive speeds. I am absolutely certain that a skull with no helmet hitting the pavement at those speeds would be instantly destroyed. Yesterday as I traveled south, one of the skateboarders was behind a car traveling north around a steep curve making him invisible to drivers in the oncoming lane and when he hit the curve he veered across the oncoming traffic lane.

It can only be a matter of time until a very serious if not fatal accident occurs. Please parents, if your child has a skateboard, know where they are when using it. And drivers, be aware, we have to watch for much more than deer.

Linda Koenig



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