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Ripley considers regional high school pilot program

September 28, 2011
RIPLEY —The Ripley Central School Board of Education met on Thursday, Sept. 15 to discuss the possibility of a regional high school.

Due to tax cap legislation and budget gaps, the district’s budget for next school year is significantly limited. The limited budget affects student opportunities such as elective programs and extracurricular activities. Currently, Ripley and Westfield share athletic programs, professional development training and other services with Brocton, Chautauqua Lake and Fredonia schools.

In February, representatives from each of these four schools formed A Shared Services Educational Team, or ASSET, and continue to meet each month. It was recently recommended by Assemblyman Andy Goodell that ASSET apply for state grants provided by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is looking for ideas to improve cost efficiency and student performance. Before this takes place, ASSET must conduct a study to provide more information about specifics such as cost, benefit, staffing, transportation and other details involved with a regional high school.

Ripley Central School’s student enrollment has decreased by more than 100 students over the course of the last ten years, and combining schools would provide more opportunity to students involved.

“This is a big venture, and you really have to put some thought into it to make an effective change.” Superintendent Karen D. Krause said.

In other news, science teacher Linda Morton received tenure appointment, effective September 26, 2011. As the junior class advisor, Morton is also taking on the task of organizing this year’s prom.

“In the classroom, she’s hands-on,” Principal Lauren J. Ormsby said. “She’s entertaining to the kids.

Frank Lewczyk and Ashley Osterstuck were approved as substitute teachers for the 2010-2011 school year.

An emergency drill will be held on Oct. 7.

The next regular board meeting will be held on Oct. 20.

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