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Sharks host annual invitational meet

September 21, 2011
Westfield Republican
WESTFIELD — On Saturday, Aug. 13, the Westfield Sharks hosted their annual Invitational swim meet at the Welch Field pool in Westfield.

Swimmers of all ages participated in the event. There were 56 registered participants from Westfield, Warren, Jamestown, Frewsburg, Dunkirk, Fredonia, and Chautauqua.

Meet officials were Tim Voltmann, and Wendy Dyment. Meet clerk was Julie Fisher.

The Sharks are coached by Danni Riley, Alex Fisher, Emily Hamilton and Erin Archer, all of Westfield.

The Shark’s brought home first, second, and third places for many events, as well as several honorable mentions.

The results for the Shark’s are as follows. Times separated by event only, not age.

25-yard freestyle: Emma Heim, HM, 24.32; Owen Bates, 1st place, 20.34; Ryan Fortner, 2nd place, 23.17; Sara Corwin, 1st place, 14.32; Ella Archer, 3rd place, 17.34; Hannah Doughty, HM, 20.47; Madison Schroeder, HM, 20.66; Elise Cunningham, HM, 22.65; Johlene Cunningham, HM, 24.50; Dyllan Houser, 3rd place, 24.59.

50-yard freestyle: June Fortner, HM, 36.30; Max Bates, 3rd place, 37.55; Abigail Jopek, 2nd place, 30.63; Emily Corwin, HM, 36.40; Davis Bates, HM, 32.16; Sophia Rubin, 2nd place, 30.15; Hanna Rubin, 3rd place, 30.29; Claire Corwin, HM, 38.72.

25-yard butterfly: Owen Bates, 1st place, 25.19; Dyllan Houser, 3rd place, 34.00.

50-yard butterfly: June Fortner, 2nd place, 42.60; Abigail Jopek, HM, 38.00; Davis Bates, 3rd place, 39.47; Hanna Rubin, 1st place, 34.00; Sophia Rubin, 2nd place, 37.28; Heather Sullivan, 3rd place, 39.87.

25-yard backstroke: Marilyn Amborski, 2nd place, 19.34; Sara Corwin, 3rd place, 21.28; Ella Archer, HM, 23.56; Hannah Doughty, HM, 25.88; Madison Schroeder, HM, 28.03; Ryan Fortner, 2nd place , 32.60.

50-yard backstroke: Claire Corwin, 2nd place, 49.13.

25-yard breaststroke: Danielle Jafarjian, 3rd place, 26.29; Emma Heim, HM, 36.02; Johlene Cunningham, HM, 39.00; Owen Bates, 1st place, 35.15; Ryan Fortner, 2nd place, 35.41; Sara Corwin, 1st place, 21.00; Marilyn Amborski, 2nd place, 22.81; Madison Schroeder, HM, 24.44; Ella Archer, HM, 28.44; Hannah Doughty, HM, 35.10; Dyllan Houser, 1st place, 34.51.

50-yard breaststroke: Grace Heim, HM, 58.00; Max Bates, HM, 56.13; Emily Corwin, HM, 47.32; Hanna Rubin, 2nd place, 40.16.

100-yard individual medley: Danielle Jafarjian, 2nd place, 1:58.44; Emma Heim, 3rd place, 2:23.32; Max Bates, HM, 1:44.22; June Fortner, HM, 1:36.71; Grace Heim, HM, 2:06.82; Sophia Rubin, 1st place, 1:22.97.

200-yard freestyle: Abigail Jopek, 1st place, 2:38.18

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Submitted photo
Swim meet official Tim Voltmann keeps these female freestyle swimmers honest on the blocks at Welch’s Pool recently during the Westfield Shark’s annual invitational swim meet.



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