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Harvest Anticipation

September 21, 2011
Tom Baideme
By Tom Baideme

August 2011

The end of August has arrived

Less than a month till harvest time

The season that I go to work

Waiting all year for it to come again

Time to do my factory chores

Pushing paper in the vats

Of the royal colored juice

Passing by to the filter press

Every hour start anew

Fill and empty one by one

Twelve hours worth until I’m done

Till two million gallons pass my way

I’ll repeat this schedule for near a month

Maybe more if the crop is large

And if the weather cooperates

To get them all removed from vines

Can see the color change begin

From the blush of red to royal blue

Signaling the sugar’s there

And prime time to get them off again

I’ve been down and spread the word

I’m ready now to start once more

My yearly ritual at harvest time

Of being the Eimco filter man

Waiting for the night to fall

To begin for me the second shift

Once again to take my place

To give my heart and life a lift


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