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What’s happening to little girls?

Moseyin’ Along

August 30, 2011
As I cleared the breakfast table this morning, I caught a segment on The Today Show that made me stop in my tracks.

The television showed a fashion photo of a slender model, draped suggestively across a fur-covered sofa. Her figure-hugging gold dress, pulled above her knees, showed her long legs and stiletto heels. Her dark hair was casually spread across the pillows and around her soft, unlined face accented with arched eyebrows and ruby lips set in an arrogant pout.

It might have been the stuff of a typical photo spread, but for one fact — the model in the suggestive pose was ten years old.

The segment went on to describe how the world of fashion is now focusing on a fresh crop of models, those in their pre-teens.

The information took me by surprise. Could it be that this new search for the very young is wide-spread in the fashion industry? I turned to the Internet to find out.

My search was eye-opening. Amazingly, I found website after website telling girls in the 7- to 15-year-old range they could “make some extra money taking pictures.” The inviting photos displayed on the sites were of girls in various stages of semi-dress, smiling invitingly at the camera in poses that were creatively called “innocent but lustful.”

Seven-year-olds enticed into making some extra money taking pictures. Ten-year-olds posing in adult settings. What is the world doing to today’s young girls? And, what does it do to a child to be displayed in such sexually suggestive situations at such an early age?

Then, in one of those news items which seem to show a direct line between cause and effect, I read about a 6-year-old, walking home from an errand, who was grabbed and thrown into a pick-up truck.

Thank God a neighbor saw the incident and gave chase. Eventually, the truck driver crashed, jumped out and ran away. The neighbor was able to rescue the little girl.

Police who arrived at the scene found duct tape, rope and other frightening equipment. A spokesman said if it hadn’t been for the action of the neighbor, “this could have ended very badly.”

How many times must a sick and easily-aroused man see photos of a pouting, suggestive 10-year-old on a fur-covered sofa before he decides to act out his fantasy by finding himself a little girl to play out his obsession?

Remember when you and I were growing up and our greatest fear was what would mom say when she saw the mess our room is in? Or what if Mrs. English had a pop quiz and we weren’t ready?

And when our own kids came along, our greatest worries were biking accidents, the latest communicable disease working its way through the school and pushing the kids to keep up with their homework.

Somehow, today’s society has allowed our children to be exposed to far greater dangers than those we faced in the past.

By allowing young girls to be displayed as sexual objects, society is putting a whole generation of young, innocent children in danger of becoming victims.

There is an undeniable relationship between cause and effect.

It’s enough to make a grandmother’s blood boil.


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