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Just Outside My Door

August 23, 2011
By Elaine G. Cole, Correspondent
When it’s summer and you’re seen, you needn’t travel far

To get to where the very best vacation places are!

Grown folks have the notion, and I think that they are wrong,

That vacations have to cost a lot, and last so very long!

With their feet wrapped up in leather and their shirts all buttoned tight,

They hit the highway, hoping that they’ll “get there by tonight.”

Well — I’ve formed a whole philosophy, just sitting here today:

When I grow up I’ll never spend vacation time that way.

If I get to be important, with a polished desk and such,

I’m still not going to go so far and rush about so much!

I hope I’ll never get too big to sit here with a pole

And let my toes touch water in the Good Old Fishin’ Hole!

You can’t improve upon it — this feeling that you find!

Grown folks struggle so to capture it, they call it “peace of mind.”

You’ll discover it the minute that you sit down with your rod,

When all at once you know that you’re alone, except for God!

I can tell you, you’ll enjoy it, so much sometimes it even seems

You almost hope the fish don’t bite and interrupt your dreams!

I completely agree with June Metcalf Rosenquist’s poem except I have never fished. I just sit on my rock by the creek with my feet in the water and remember the days gone by when I sat there with children that were playing in the water. Often it was my own kids but many times with grandchildren or other youngsters. Now days it’s mostly only me that sits by the creek, for those children have grown up. It’s still a favorite place for me to talk to God, ponder the blessings of the past and all the busy yesteryears when those youngsters were growing up. How I enjoyed those brief retrieves from all the daily tasks.

Maybe the aforesaid is the reason I’d rather be at home instead of off on a trip. But, I have to admit that a short vacation is not too bad if there’s a place where I can walk with Penny and sit by the water. It’s not only a great place to think and talk with God, it’s also a special place to read a book without any interruptions. Dogs don’t talk! I do however, like visiting with an occasionally stranger that happens to come by.

I have always taken pictures wherever I am. Thus I have hundreds of them, some of our family, numerous of scenery in many different places, of special occasions and to use in my writing. Since I’m not very organized, I can’t always find the picture I want. Often I have to search through containers and that leads to having pictures all over my study. When that happens, I determine to organize and label them so I know where each one can be found. So far that has not happened but I have hopes of accomplishing that someday, but that would take many days. Since I’m not a young lady, I doubt it will ever happen. Thus I’ve told our kids to toss them out along with all the writing etc. that is in my study, and strike a match to them!


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