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Assistance During Accident Appreciated

August 23, 2011
Norma Dikeman
Dear Editor:

I must give a huge thanks to shoe who were instrumental in saving my son-in-law Daryl Thayer’s life Aug. 7 when his tractor turned over on him. Cindy Lille and her daughter were the first on the scene when they were driving by and noticed the tractor upside down in the field with Daryl underneath.

They quickly called 911 and Cindy went after her husband Dave who brought his pickup down and used it to drive under the tractor and lift it enough so Daryl could be pulled out from underneath. An EMT was visiting the Lilles and came along to start CPR.

Both Brocton and Portland’s fire departments responded within minutes and went to work on Daryl at once.

As soon as they got a pulse and Daryl was breathing, he was rushed to Westfield Hospital where his expert care continued. The knowledge and expertise of the emergency room doctors and nurses at Westfield was superb.

As the doctors at Hamot Trauma Center commented frequently, all persons responsible for Daryl’s early care are to be commended for their expertise and fast work. They are very impressed with the condition Daryl was in when he arrived at Hamot. They actually did not expect him to be alive and said that the treatment he received on site and at Westfield Hospital is responsible for saving his life.

And we are deeply grateful for all of the prayers that are continually being said. Please know how much we value all of you and we thank God for putting you all in the right place at the right time.

Norma Dikeman



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