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Westfield Academy and Central School honor night awards

August 16, 2011
Westfield Republican
Award — Recipient

Jennie Lisa Vandevelde Memorial Scholarship — Jeffrey Emilson

Westfield Firemen’s Award — Merrie Smith; Chelsea Lapp

American Legion Post 327 Initiative and Awareness Award — Chelsea Lapp; Emily Raynor

Michael A Pagano Scholarship — Steven Piccone

The Reach Beyond Award — Emmily Lanphere

Wayne Anthony Award — Sara Fochtman

The Aaron Diamond Memorial Achievement Award — Ariel Zieders

Yvonne Wagner Twombly Memorial Award — Jeffrey Emilson

Daniel G. Hyde Memorial Scholarship — Cody Bolinger

The Joanna Seminatore Memorial Scholarship — Mackenzie Abele

The Raymond T. Ryan Scholarship Award — Elizabeth Locke

Allene Herron Tompkins Memorial Scholarship — Michael Bova

Joseph Baideme Memorial Award — Garrett Flowers

The Harry Munger and Ann Murray Hopson Award — Kristen Monroe

The Wells H. Hull Scholarship — Alyssa Best

The Dekalb Agriculture Award — Kristen Monroe

Walter Baran Memorial Award — Alyssa Best

The Bristol-Burgess Award — Austin Cooke

The H. Harold Meyer Award — Zachariah Buss

The Joseph Koshute Memorial Scholarship — Rachel Herr

The Dr. Anthony Calarco Art Award — Jeffrey Emilson

The Arts and Crafts Festival Scholarship — Dylan Griebel

The Blythe Nundy Memorial Award — Emily Hamilton

The Vocational Education Award — Ashlynn Fisk

The Holly Raines Memorial Scholastic Achievement — Madelyn Johnson

The Westfield Academy and Central School Salutatorian Award — Zachary Kitchen

The Frances J. Bannister Valedictorian Scholarship — Michael Bova

The Julie Mead Memorial Scholarship — Emmily Lanphere

The Richard Mead Memorial Scholarship — Merrie Smith

The Alice Miller Beckman Nursing and Public Health Award — Jorgette Echevarria

The Lt. Colonel David R. Correll Industrial Arts and Citizenship Award — Karl Voltmann

The Arthur J. Macer Award — Steven Kelly

Ruth Barker Winch Scholarship — Michaella Hayden

The Doug Greenleaf Memorial Scholarship — Chelsea Lapp

Steve G. Brown Memorial Scholarship — Jeffrey Emilson

Jacqueline Habig Memorial Award — Michael Bova

The Monday Night Girls Award — Rachel Herr

Moose Lodge No. 118 Memorial Award — Shauna McGuay

The Roderick A. and Priscilla B. Nixon Educational Fund — Chelsea Barber

The Arion Vocal Music Award — Madelyn Johnson; Chelsea Lapp

The Directors Drama Award — Alexander Underwood

The Westwinds Award — Matthew Lehman; Garrett Rammelt

The Vocal Music Boosters Award — Michael Bova; Ryan DeLand

The Hage Music Award — Garrett Rammelt

The Ape-Men Senior Award — Robson Knappenberger; Joshua Warner

The Fine Arts and Musical Comedy Award — Alexandra Fisher

The Sue Hunt Memorial Award — Rachel Herr; Shondra Riscili

The William C. Ross Award — Lexie Momberger

Joseph and Jenette Schuster Music Scholarship — Iain Cockram

The Peter Tempio Music Award — Cody Bolinger

The Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award — Michael Bova

The Deutschmeister Award — Sandra Manzella

The John Philip Sousa Band Award — Madelyn Johnson

The Firecracker’s Award — Mackenzie Abele; Michaella Hayden

The Arion Band Award — Michael Bova

The Band Achievement Award — Chelsea Barber

The Beacon Award of Summit Lodge No. 219 F and AM — Cody Bolinger

The William P. Jackway Award — Zachary Kitchen

The American Legion Post 327 Auxillary Award — Emily Raynor

Knights of Columbus 3100 Scholarship — Patrick Myers

Paul H. and Frances A. Wolfe Memorial Award — Emily Raynor

The Allstar Award in memory of Alastair Nixon — Sandra Manzella; Michael Bova

Kristie Ward Memorial Scholarship — Chelsea Barber

Kristie Ward Memorial Scholarship No. 2 — Ashlynn Fisk

The Ralph Bristol Athletic Award — Zachary Kitchen

The Bret Smith Leadership Award — Michael Bova

The Westfield Area Jayncees Athletic Award — Sara Fochtman

The Junior Chamber of Commerce Athletic Award — Michael Bova

The Hop Palermo Athletic Award — Shauna McGuay

The Mike Samonia Memorial Athletic Award — Garrett Rammelt

The Athletic Directors Award — Rachel Herr

The Team Player of the Year Award — Madelyn Johnson

The WACS Coaches Award — Michaella Hayden

The Jerry Horton Memorial Award — Alexander Underwood

The Outstanding Girl and Boy in Physical Education Award — Emily Raynor; Michael Bova

The Maude Kelly Memorial Award — Rachel Herr

The Roger Kolpien Golf Award — Karl Voltmann

The Daryl J. Brown Memorial Award — Garrett Rammelt

Keith D. Bestine Memorial Award — Garrett Rammelt

The Woody Keyser Memorial Scholarship — Sara Fochtman

The Carlton Bud Beadle Scholar Athlete Award — Eribel Lopez

Robert North Sr. Award — Michael Bova

The Marion B. Jillson and Elizabeth R. Jillson Fund — First Place English: Madelyn Johnson; Second Place English: Michael Bova; First Place Science: Zachary Kitchen; Second Place Science: Michael Bova

The English 12 Achievement Award — Madelyn Johnson

The Westfield English Department Most Improved Award — Eribel Lopez

The VFW Post 6764 Auxillary American History Award — Michael Bova

The Social Studies Award — Sara Fochtman

Yearbook Editor Award — Alexandra Fisher

Yearbook Excellence Award — Madelyn Johnson; Zach Buss; Chelsea Lapp; Shauna McGuay

George E. Plumb Award — Zachary Kitchen

Women of the Moose No. 517 Scholarship — Carolina Knappenberger

The Lodge No. 1555 International Association of Aerospace Workers Award — Highest Average: Garrett Flowers; Outstanding Project: Patrick Myers

The New York State Triple C Award — Cory Gens; Alex Dibble

Major Rodney W. McLean Scholarship — Kelsey Kyser

The Westfield Teachers Association Scholarship — Jorgette Echevarria

The Rotary Award — Alexandra Fisher; Michael Bova

The Timothy B. Calarco Arts Award — Dylan Griebel

The Outstanding Senior Award — Alexandra Fisher

The Westfield Parent Connection Local Scholarship — Erica Woodruff

The Frank J. Alonge Sr. Sportsmanship Award — Garrett Rammelt

The Presidents Award for Education Excellence — Chelsea Barber; Cody Bolinger; Michael Bova; Sara Fochtman; Michaella Hayden; Madelyn Johnson; Kristen Monroe

The Laureate Alpha Phi Senior Girl Award — Mackenzie Abele

Max Naeser Memorial Award — Chelsea Lapp

Fair Point Communication Award — Sara Fochtman

Friends of the Grand Theatre in Memory of Bret Smith Award — Kelsey Kyser

Better Baked Foods Family Scholarship — Alexandra Fisher

WACS Senior of the Month — Garrett Rammelt; Alexandra Fisher; Eribel Lopez; Madelyn Johnson; Michael Bova; Michaella Hayden; Shauna McGuay; Rachel Herr; Zachary Kitchen

Sons of the American Legion Squad 327 — Emily Raynor

Jamestown Business College Academic Progress Award — Jade Gelsimino

Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union — Chelsea Lapp; Emmily Lanphere; Alexandra Fisher

The John Norton Award — Kristen Monroe

The Herbert Stratton Award — Kristen Monroe; Alyssa Best

The Rammelt Family Award — Kristen Monroe

Sgt. Kevin White Award — Emily Raynor


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