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Ripley Central School presentation of awards

August 16, 2011
Westfield Republican
Ripley Central School’s first top awards were presented to valedictorian Maggie Hammond and salutatorian Robert Glenn Davis for their outstanding academic achievements during four years of high school.

The Bill Vorsheck Award is given by Bill Vorsheck, who used to be a social studies teacher and coach in Ripley. This scholarship is worth $500 a semester for up to four years for a total of $4,000 for each student and will be paid directly to the chosen college. In order to be considered, the student must have been involved in athletics and have good grades. The student must have financial need, been a good citizen and have shown leadership. This year the committee has chosen Hammond to receive this award.

The Laura A. Kelly Memorial Scholarship, the Clara McGinness Johnson Scholarship, the Ripley Woman’s Club English Award, the Wallace and Dorothy Johnson Scholarship and the Darlene Williams Fagenbaum Award are presented to Hammond.

Fairpoint Communications College Scholarship $500 each is given to a senior from Brocton, Chautauqua Lake, Sherman, Ripley, Clymer and Westfield. The recipients must be going to a recognized college, university, technical or professional school, must be from the top one-third of the graduating class and must have evidence of good citizenship, leadership and financial need. The Ripley Central School recipient this year is Ashley Gresh.

The Summit Lodge No. 219 Free and Accepted Masons of Westfield Beacon Award of $100 is given to a graduating senior who best exemplifies community service in a noteworthy manner, which is one of the key purposes for a Mason. This year’s recipient is Andrew Judd.

The Westfield/Mayville Rotary Scholarship is given to deserving students who have been involved with community service and who are going on to higher education. This award of $400 each is presented to Sawyer Eimers and Alana Delvecchio.

The North Ease Loyal Order of the Moose Award is given to a senior who has a GPA of 2.5 or higher, has participated in community service and will be attending a college or technical school. His or her parents must be a member of the North East Loyal Order of the Moose No. 2568. The recipient this year is Dawn Blackman.

The Francis Earl Gregory Citizenship Award of $25, certificate and medal is given by the Charles A. Morehouse American Legion Post No. 351 and selected by the faculty in further recognition of the possession of those high qualities of courage, leadership, honor, patriotism, and service which are necessary to the preservation and protection of the fundamental institutions of our government and the advancement of society. This year’s male and female recipients are Hammond and Robert Davis.

The Lillian T. and Norris C. Hawkings Memorial Scholarship, the Laura H. Johnson Memorial Social Studies Award and the Ripley Kiwanis/Grange Scholarship are presented to Davis.

The American Legion Post No. 351 Ralph V. Hubbard Memorial Scholarship of $250, selected by a committee, is given to a graduating senior who is a resident of Ripley and who shows responsibility, citizenship, respect and compatability with fellow students and faculty and has pride in him or herself and the community. This scholarship is awarded after the student has completed one semester at an accredited college or trade school. The recipient of this year’s scholarship is Chris McCorkle.

The Frank C. and Rita Walzer Memorial Scholarship award will be granted to a Ripley Central School graduating senior who has been accepted into a post secondary institution. The senior must have a global history and geography above average grade. The student must exhibit humanitarian qualities, such as kindness and concern for others, which Frank C. Walzer displayed. This award of $300 is presented to Davis.

The Ruth Barker Winch Scholarship of $1,700 is renewable for three years and is given to one or more graduating seniors who exhibit one or more of the following traits: scholastic ability, good citizenship, character, potential, and motivation for successful pursuit of the candidate’s scholastic goals. Special consideration is to be given to candidates with special needs or to candidates who are intending to train to work with individuals with special needs. The selection committee this year has chosen Rebecca Shioleno as the recipient of this scholarship which totals $6,800 over four years.

The John Potter Scholarship is presented to Judd.

The Orris C. Hirtzel and Beatrice Dewey Hirtzel Memorial Foundations Award of $1,500 a semester is given to a senior, based on academics and citizenship in school and community, financial need, and acceptance into a four year college program. Based upon satisfactory performance, the total scholarship would total $12,000 over a four year college career. This award is presented to Hammond.

Seniors who are in the top 20 percent of their class are eligible to receive the Jamestown Community College USA Scholarship of full tuition minus Pell, Tap and PHEAA awards. They must be attending JCC full time. This scholarship is presented to Hammond and Gresh.

The Knights of Columbus Council No. 3100Scholarship is presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated improved academic performance and who has made a contribution to the school’s activity program, while working at a part-time job outside of school. This student has been accepted in an accredited school of higher education. This award goes to Gresh.

The Ripley Veterans’ Roll of Honor Scholarship is presented to a graduating senior who is a Ripley resident, enrolled in a technical/trade school or college or be enlisted in the delayed entry program of military service. This student must have a relative who served in the Military (parent, sister/brother, grandparent, aunt/uncle. This award goes to Gresh, Justin Hunt, Miranda Natcher and Blackman.

The Ripley Education Association Award, given by members of the teachers’ group, is presented to a senior student who has at least an 80 percent cumulative grade point average and who plans on attending a school of higher learning. This student must demonstrate honesty, reliability, self-motivation, initiative, responsibility and cooperation with peers and teachers. The recipient of this year’s $200 award is Hammond.

The Marin D. Cary Memorial Award is presented to the senior who demonstrates the following characteristics: The potential to take pride in his or her work, to be a healthy perfectionist, the desire to use their hands and knowledge in the work force, a student who treats others with respect and decency, and sets a positive example through their actions - standing for his or her convictions, not what is necessarily the “popular or peer choice”. This award, which is from the interest the account has earned during the year, will be used to purchase an item of the student’s choice that will assist in his or her future plans. This year’s Martin D. Cary award is presented to Mark Schang.

The Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York Medical Staff Award of $500 is given each year to four high school seniors to further there education in a field of there choice. Recipients must be he child of an employee at either campus, Brooks Memorial Hospital of TLC lakeshore, and two are chosen from each facility. This years recipient is Davis.

The Alvin N. Vere Achievement Award is presented to Davis and Hammond.

The Chautauqua County Food Service Association Award of $300, is given to students who are interested in furthering their education in the food service field. This year’s award is presented to Samuel Tefft.

The Board of Cooperative Education Services of Chautauqua County presented Career and Technical Education Certificates at their Annual Awards Ceremony. The following students should rise to be recognized for their achievements and the audience is asked to please hold your applause until all of the students’ names have been announced: Automotive Body Repair — Kyle Murphy, Dawn Blackman; Automotive Technology — Ross Peters; Construction Technology — Justin Hunt; Criminal Justice — Alexandria Gibbs; Culinary Arts — Samuel Tefft; Diesel Mechanics — Jessy Gordon, Andrew Judd, Christopher McCorkle; Graphics Technology — Miranda Natcher; Information Technology/Computer Systems — Joshua Smith; Small Animal Science — Jacob Rowe.

The Community Service Award sponsored by the Ripley Hose Company and the Ripley Hose Auxiliary is presented to Davis.

The Perseverance Award is given by Ripley Central School staff members to a senior boy or girl who has overcome the greatest obstacles and achieved a high school diploma. This year’s recipient is Schang.

The Ripley Central School 50 Year Reunion Committee Annual Award is presented to Judd and Hammond.

Women of the Moose Post No. 517 Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Katelynn Batts.

The Ripley Central School Citizenship Award is presented to Sawyer Eimers and Hammond.

Life may be compared to a series of journeys; each one bringing new challenges, new accomplishments, and new sources of pride and joy. Graduates, you have each completed a major journey in your life this afternoon. The Journey Award is an extension of congratulations and recognition to each of you for successfully reaching your destination. This award is given by two Ripley Central School teachers who have had the privilege of observing this journey from beginning to end. All seniors will receive the Journey Award with their diplomas.


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