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Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman

August 16, 2011

Florence Hemiline, who lives at North Haven, called me recently to tell me that she and a neighbor saw a bald eagle fly over them as they sat outside enjoying the lovely day. It flew above them from the east to the west, two times. It was a beautiful site and they were so happy to be able to see it. That's about the only other news I have from Sherman this week. July Sherman Stanley Hose Co. memorials and income Memorials Larry Sheehan: Bob and Phyllis VanEarden, Ana Doncavage, Daniel and Beverly Nikolaus, Leslie and Sandra Utegg, All Metal Specialties, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Smackey, Columbus Community Church, Fairpoint Communications and Employees James Raven Sr.: Howard and Becky Raven Jean Kochanowski: Ross Field and Janet Loomis Income Donations: Elizabeth Sincox, Doug and Joan Frey, Bessie Endress Ambulance Donation Ernest and Linda Roache, Mary Reyda, Andy and Laura Reyda Fund Drive Mayshark Builders Happy birthday greetings August 11: Lily Grace Jackson, Tonya Johnson, Baya Ochlbeck, Rusty Weise, Bridget Yaw August 12: Jessica Cady, Sue Dewey, John Matkovich, Johanna Mietko (AFS), Bill Rowan August 13: Melvin Burkholder, Teresa Barney Guzman, Jane TenHagen, Gavin Warner August 14: Mark Freeman, LaToshia Jacobs, Amy Dearing Martin, John Patterson, Shelly Roberts, Tonya Richardson Roskie, Concetta Young August 15: Mary Swanson August 16: Bill Cole, Ron Graham, Phil Harvey, Beth Kamminski, Raymond Wengerd August 17: Gabriel Rater, Lisa Wazmer Hawley, Stephanie Jackson Reed, Allison Sweatman, Debbie Cole Tower, Roger Kent Waszmer Happy anniversary greetings August 11: Eric and Brenda Tenpas August 12: Gary Jr. and Lonnie DeLellis, Steve and Jill Hejza August 13: John and Tracy Dixon August 14: Perry and Betty Dewey August 15: Josh and Tiffany Gall, Kevin and Joann Barron, Steve and Laura Wilson August 16: Bill and Lorraine Wiggers August 17: Joshua and Jill Gratto, Jerry and Pam Warner



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