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Lookin’ Back

Reprinted from The Chautauqua News

August 9, 2011
Retyped by Elaine G. Cole
TO December 3, 1890

It is understood that Will and Ella Karges were married last week, but we have no particulars as to day or place.

The dance at Page’s Hall Friday night was more largely attended than the preceding one, about 70 couples being present.

The village trustees and Enoch Sperry have been surveying about the corporation limits, preparatory to making an assessment of the property and levying a tax.

The members of the dancing club have decided to issue cards of invitation hereafter, and no one will be admitted except those having cards. The attendance has become so large that some discrimination is necessary.

The record of November weather is incomplete, as the instruments did not come into the possession of the observer until the fourth of the month. The latter half of the month was pleasant and favorable for work out of doors. The average temperature was 38.01 degrees. The warmest day was the 17th, 62 degrees, the coldest, 28 degrees.

Matthew Ottaway of Volusia, raised a white radish the past season which was two, besides the top, 23 inches in circumference and weighted 15 pounds. He thinks this is hard to beat.

The oyster supper given by the band last Friday night was largely attended, over 200 during the evening. $54 was taken in which will leave over $28 net. It will be used to hire a teacher.

Dairy butter sold at 23 to 25 cents last Wednesday and eggs at 25. Not a large amount of either was brought in.

The stone for the new walks has come in and will be put down as fast as the weather will allow.

Something or somebody broke a sash and the glass in one of C.H. Corbett’s windows last Friday night. He thinks a dog got into the back room and went out of the window.

The Chautauqua Lake train arriving at Mayville at 5:35 lacks five minutes of connecting with the train going south on our road. It seems as though it might be arranged so as to accommodate the public instead of making people stay in Mayville for the midnight train.

World News — An epidemic of influenza prevails at Fuenfkirchen, Hungary. One thousand persons in the place are suffering from the disease. Many cases resemble typhus fever, while others are attended with a copious hemorrhage from the intestines.

Disastrous gales and floods with loss of life and property have occurred a Jena, Goschwitz and other places in Germany. Several houses were blown down and seventeen persons drowned at Kahla.

Accounts received at Vienna of the disasters incident to the storms in Bohemia and Bavaria show that 20 persons perished from the cold and starvation in the Sale Valley alone. Forty-seven fishermen have been drowned by the wrecking of their vessels in the gales, which have prevailed on the northwest coast of Norway recently.


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