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Just Outside My Door

August 9, 2011
It’s another hot, humid day being 75 percent already at 7:30 a.m. The thermometer has not gotten much below 70 at night the past few days, so our house is getting quite warm. Our yard is getting a little brown on the edges, and I find I’m spending more and more time watering my flowerbeds. Thankfully we don’t have a water bill. That’s just one more special blessing about living in the country.

Although I don’t like the daytime heat in summer, I love it when dusk and nighttime comes. I would like to take a walk down the road, but not alone. One never knows what danger lurks in the darkness in today’s world. We hear of it daily in newspapers and on television. Nor would I want to walk in the woodland because we have bear nearby and possibly other unknown animals. Since Bill doesn’t like walking much, I have to enjoy the nighttime in our yard, sitting on our porch or walking around it.

As the sun begins to sink in the west, the sky is transformed into a beautiful blend of orange, yellow and red. The robins sing their last song of the day and the cardinals visit the feeders for a bedtime snack. Sometimes I hear a whippoorwill call from the woodland and the wind dies down. I enjoy watching the sky as a yard of sparkling stars and a silvery moon casts their lights in the heavens. I’m reminded that God has said, “The Heavens declare the Glory of God.”

As I said before, daytimes are another story. Nevertheless, it’s a great time to read. Currently I’m read the third book in a series written by Lynn Austin, entitled “The Strength of His Hand.” It is a fiction book about the kings that served the nation of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible. The protagonists were real kings that lived in that day. Fiction is intermingled with them in the story line. I can assure you that there is no lack of excitement in reading Austin’s books and one will also learn a lot about how they reigned the land in those days. I’m sure you could purchase them in a bookstore near you or perhaps in a library or over the Internet.


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