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Congress needs to promote welfare of all classes

August 9, 2011
David R. Correll
Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican,

In its first words and Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States clearly states its objectives. So, there is no question about what is to be done, only how to do it remains to be determined by our Congress. Citizens working for a living should gain more than a bare existence for their labor and also gain much from a greater public infrastructure than they could provide for themselves. For this gain they have a public responsibility to pay taxes of increasing proportion of the value received to sustain and build their society. Among the objectives of our Constitution is the economic need to “promote the general welfare.” Not only the welfare of the wealthy class, but the welfare of all classes. Therefore, Congress must assure that all legislation promotes progress, education and money to continuously energize the economy by employing our middle and working classes to enable people to buy the goods and services produced and have savings left over to invest in keeping our economy continuously active.

Congress along has the constitutional and legislative powers to do this. Recently, charismatic demagogues have encouraged the election of foolish representatives who have led us from the path of democracy, which promotes the general welfare of all economic classes, to an autocracy promoting mainly the welfare of the powerful and wealthy. This, of course, is the ubiquitous means demagogues use to gain power to override the checks and balances of our democracy. Our middle and working classes, including the majority of our citizens, are the engine of our economy, needing only financial resources to fire it and keep in running. Our current weak economy, offering few jobs to the middle class, but issuing soaring profits to the upper class, proves that even the financial industry managing our economy needs regulation to prevent its self-destruction. To correct this, Congress must unselfishly regulate our economy in an even and fair-handed manner to promote the general welfare for all our citizens. Our economic classes must each have an acceptable quality of life and willingness to cooperatively regain and sustain a healthy economy.

David R. Correll,

Westfield, N.Y.


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