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Vandals strike Sherman’s Monument

August 9, 2011
John R. Patterson, Sherman Mayor
As Mayor of the Village of Sherman, I am asking for your assistance. You may have noticed that the statue of the Civil War Soldier on the corner of Park and Church Streets is now adorned with American flags and urns of fresh flowers. The purpose is to bring attention to the monument. It was my intention to have people notice it and, at the same time, reflect in thought about all the men and women who gave their all so that we could enjoy the quality of life they fought for.

However, not everyone is as grateful as most of us. Three weeks ago, seven of the flags were destroyed. Jerry Russell and Jim Higginbotham, members of the American Legion, gave me to replacements I needed and, again, the monument was complete.

Yesterday, Saturday, July 30, when I went to water the flowers, I found them all dead. They had been sprayed with weed killer. My wife and I went to Lakewood and purchased two new urns of beautiful flowers. Once again, the monument was complete.

Today, Sunday, July 31, when I went to water the flowers, I found all 14 flags gone. Later, I found two jammed in a tree and five more in a trash can. Seven flags were never found. Russell and Higginbotham again supplied me with the flags I needed and the monument was complete.

Thank you, men, for your help. I appreciate it, but I need more help. Would all you local citizens stop, look and listen? Help me catch these lowlife bums and give them what they really deserve. If you know anything in this regard, please call me, John Patterson, at 761-7767, or the County Sheriff Department at 753-4231.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

John R. Patterson,

Sherman Mayor


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