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Lookin’ Back

Reprinted from The Chautauqua News

July 12, 2011
By Virginia Calhoun, Retyped by Elaine G. Cole
TO July 9, 1907

Assemblyman Hamilton of Westfield was named by the governor to Acton a state commission with an Ontario, Canada commission to try to agree on uniform law regarding fishing in Lake Erie and also to agree on the boundary lines in the lake.

Farmers in the vicinity of Corry were shipping great quantities of old chestnut fence rails and partly burned chestnut logs to a tannery in Titusville. It was said they got $4.25 a cord for the stuff delivered. This enabled them to buy wire fences and still have money left. The tannery extracted tannin from the wood, to be used in leather making. Potter’s assistants in the Chautauqua post office were Miss Lena Potter, Miss Nellie Irwin, Miss May Colton, C.F. Halladay, F.M. Shelkey, Harry Flanders and R.I. Park.

The Sherman breakfast picnics in the woods which were so popular the preceding year with some of the young ladies, were enjoyable even if only seven were able to wake in time. Some difficulty was meet in finding a suitable name, the one suggested by one young lady, “Groundhog Club” being unacceptable.

A weed commonly called Devil’s Paint Brush was doting great harm to meadows and pastures in western New York counties and farmers were warned to look out for it and kill it as it appeared.

The Sherman high school ball team went to Findley Lakes to play the Boston Store nine of Erie. The latter were a husky looking lot and had nice suits, but they could not play ball. They never saw the home plate till the ninth inning when they make 2 runs. Sherman played well and made 18 scores during the game.

A large number from Sherman and vicinity went to Chautauqua to hear Hon. W.J. Bryan. There was a great crowd, the amphitheatre being filled. The address was greatly enjoyed by all, even his allusions to politics being so well put that Republicans enjoyed them as well as political friends.

David Lincoln, formerly of Sherman, celebrated his 97th birthday at his home in Mayville. He was the oldest resident of that village.

A.H . Fraser advertised a surrey for sale, nearly new.


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