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Release names of criminals

July 5, 2011
Westfield Republican
Apparently, no matter how much damage was done in Westfield last week, local law-enforcement officials have to protect the identity of two 18-year-old males who went on a major crime spree.

Just how much crime were they allegedly involved in to deserve this courtesy?

Second-degree kidnapping. First-degree robbery. First-degree assault. First-degree use of a firearm. First-degree burglary. Third-degree grand larceny. Fourth-degree grand larceny. Fourth-degree conspiracy.

But the list does not stop there.

Charges also included: third-degree criminal possession of stolen property, second-degree unlawful imprisonment, second-degree menacing, criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Obviously there is one other crime in this incident - done by the two departments investigating this spree: Where are the names for these alleged hoodlums?

The suspects are both 18 years old. They are definitely old enough to allegedly create all this havoc, so make them even more accountable by releasing their names.

By the way, courts ultimately are the ones to decide on whether the names of youthful offenders are to be released, not the police. So why the special treatment in this incident for these two from Brocton and Westfield?

Do they have friends in high places so their names were not released?

Dunkirk Police released the names of two 18-year-olds charged in a city car theft on Monday. No special treatment for them. And why should there be?

These teens in Westfield and Brocton have been afforded a special favor by law-enforcement. That’s the wrong message and sets a horrible example for future would-be crooks.


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