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Lookin’ Back

June 28, 2011
By Elaine G. Cole, Correspondent
TO: 1896

The court at London has ordered the extradition to America of William Turner and William E. Dunlop, the Burden diamond robbers.

A pair of infant wild-cats were born at the Celeron zoo Thursday.

Theodore Giantz, a 14-year-old boy, was drowned in the outlet at Jamestown Thursday, while attempting to swim the stream. Roy Hyke and Nat Hunt, two Mayville boys, while blasting a rock with dynamite on John Prendergast’s farm last week, were badly hurt by an unexpected explosion. After waiting 15 minutes for the fuse which they had lighted to fire the cartridge, they decided it wouldn’t work and had seated themselves on the rock where it did work and they landed some distance away, badly disfigured.

SHERMAN: A. B. Sheldon shipped today 400 sheep. The market is low and will be through the season. Ten cent wool and three cent muttons the outcome of two years of free wool.

Three boys were on the pond in a sail boat one day last week, and the boat tipped over and all had to swim ashore. Someday we shall be obliged to record a drowning of someone if small boys are allowed to sail around in such a careless way.

Saturday afternoon Don Wilcox while working near Nettle Hill saw something in the air that he thought to be a big bird, but which proved to be a balloon. It landed near Simmons’ mill and he went to the spot and found inside it was one of Kopcke’s orders for a suit of boy’s clothes, worth $4. It was sent up at North East at two o’clock and landed, 13 miles away about half past 4.

TO: 1916

Theodore Roosevelt was endorsed for the progressive presidential nomination at the state convention. Fifty-six delegates to the Chicago convention were instructed to support his candidacy. Resolutions adopted called Roosevelt “the greatest American.”

John Moran was home from Buffalo.

Frank Chase came home Wednesday with a bad cold which took away some of the fun of his vacation.

Ezra Sears and wife of Sinclarville were with his nephew, A. R. Sears and family, and will remain to visit for a time.

Sixteen candle caron lamps at 10 cents each at the Library. For some purposes they are preferable to the higher priced lamps. Inquire on library days.

A phone was installed last week in the rooms of Donald Campbell, in the Davenport house.

The Home Mission sent several baskets filled with good things to make the day more enjoyable to a number of families.

Many dealers all over the country were caught with high priced turkey on their hands and either sold them at a loss or put them into cold storage. The jump to 35cents per pound because of shortage in production caused a big falling off in demand.

“Blessings brighten as they take their flight,” and so do electric lights. After spending Thursday night in darkness, electric lights never looked so good to Sherman people as they did at 5:30 Wednesday afternoon when the new engine was started at the plant. There were slight intermissions during the evening to make some changed, but the engine is now installed and promises to prove a good investment by the saving of fuel.


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