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Rep. Weiner must resign post

June 21, 2011
Westfield Republican
Of course Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., must resign. There is no question about that.

Last month, it was disclosed a young woman in Seattle received through the Twitter social networking site a picture of a man’s underwear-clad crotch. For several days Weiner insisted his Twitter account had been “hacked” and disavowed knowledge of the photo.

But last Monday the congressman confessed the picture was of him and he had sent it. He also admitted to “inappropriate” exchanges with six women.

This is nothing new, sadly. Earlier this year another New York congressman, Republican Christopher Lee, admitted using the Internet to send a photo of himself, shirtless, to a woman. Within hours of that disclosure, Lee resigned.

Lee may well have been thinking of one House of Representatives rule requiring lawmakers to conduct themselves “at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.”

Neither Lee nor Weiner complied with that rule.

Weiner’s judgment on all things, including public policy, has been called into question by the scandal. House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi of California has called for an ethics committee investigation of Weiner.

He must not wait any longer. Clearly, Weiner does not belong in the House of Representatives. He should resign immediately.


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