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Lookin’ Back

June 14, 2011
By ELAINE?G. COLE, Correspondent
TO Yesteryear 1908

The postmaster General Meyer ordered that mail carriers were forbidden to transport intoxicating liquors from one pint to another while in the performance of mail service.

There was a good attendance at the Farmer’s suite at the Sherman Grange hall Monday and Tuesday. Interesting programs were carried out.

Thursday, the Sherman Grange celebrated the 34th anniversary of its organization. Dinner was served to a large number at noon.

The dance Friday night was one of the most enjoyable affairs ever given in Sherman. Decorations made a scene of comfort and good taste. Dancing began about ten and continued until five the next morning, with an intermission for lunch The next was to be a leap year party which the ladies would have charge of.

The annual report of the Sheriff’s office showed that the salary system saved $4,000 a year.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Sherman Electric Light Co. would be held at the law office of F.L. Morris on Jan. 28.

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Phelps, while going to Sherman Thursday and crossing the railroad track, their cutter shoe caught in some way and threw him out on the track./ Not much damage was done except breaking the tugs to the harness.

A work car on the Chautauqua Traction line jumped the track north of Mayville and was demolished. Motorman W.E. Woodford and Lineman Nelson Neil were in the car the latter badly injured, the former escaping unhurt.

From a semi-official source the output of Locomotives at the Brooks Works 1907 was the greatest in any one year in the plants history. The report was 625 locomotives were built.

The office of the Finley Lake town clerk would be found at the post office building, having been moved there by the present incumbent, J.H. Boorman.

It was understood that the program of the Lakeside Assembly for 1908 was completed and would be a great improvement over any which had yet been produced.

The arches for the new Sherman condensery were completed which practically finished the building and it was ready for the installation of Shafting, steam pipes, etc.

The mild weather might be discouraging to coal dealers but if the business was small it might allow people to pay for what they did get.

W.C. Watrous used some Concentrated ammonia to clean his teeth, mistaking it for a bottle of Listerine, which stood near it. His mouth was quite badly burned.

TO 1973

Congratulations to Randy Edwards of Sherman winner of the 3-speed bicycle. The Sherman cheerleaders held their drawing on Saturday. Chris Stroble sold the winning ticket to Randy. We want to extend a big thank you to all that helped to support the cheerleaders. The money earned through this project will be put towards new uniforms for the JV and Varsity basketball cheerleaders.

Two Sherman artists, Sue Reyda and Wallace Lawson, won first place prize awards for their paintings at the twenty-second annual Bestor Plaza Outdoor Art Festival at Chautauqua. Sue won her prize for portrait painting and Wally won his prize and an honorable mention for landscape paintings. Both artist were in the professional division.

The judges this year were Arthur Winner, Professor of Art, Marietta College and Lee Forest, Professor of Art, Edinboro State College. Approximately 150 artists from the region were represented at this year’s festivities.

Civilization is a system under which a man pays a quarter to park his car so he won’t be fined a dollar while spending a dime for a nickel cup of coffee.

There is a real bargain on boy’s pants for school on this weekend at Viogt’s Variety. Close out reductions on summer men and boy’s pants too.

Enjoy an exciting trip through Spain at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 24 by sitting in Chautauqua’s open air amphitheater with Walter Sid Dodson, the last film lecturer of the season.


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