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Over the Backyard Fence In Sherman

June 14, 2011

Awards Night will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7 in the Sherman Central School Auditorium. A variety of field trips will be enjoyed by SCS students in the next few weeks as the school year draws to a close. Check the school year calendar for other special programs. Happy birthday greetings June 2: Meg Blum, Jim Croscut, Parker Helm June 3: Tucker Barnes, Jill Pacy, Vicki Rater, Nicole Warner June 4: Mary Burkholder, Owen Carey-Miles, Kimberly Pacy, Tom Walsh June 5: Karagan Ayers. Kegan Ayers, Jimmy Cady, Timothy Bedford, Martin Hostetler, Bill Brosius, Dave Morton June 6: Kelli Brigs, Nathan Lee Endress, Brenda Ohlsson, Anton Prokopyer (AFS) June 7: Kimberly L. Damcott, Ockie Doncavage, Harold Reynolds, Erica Wiggers Webster June 8: Emily Hammond, Annette Swan, Jay Tenpas, Mustafa Unsal (AFS), Magali Vinolo Fisher June 9: Ruth Ann Alday, Samantha Jo Barron, Gigi Eggins Potma (AFS) June 10: Mackenzie Marlin Hostetler June 11: Brandon Crane, Lucinda Miller, Elizabeth (Betty) Bissell, Jill Brosius Langeland, Nancy Palmer, Sherri Rater, Anna-Kate Stamper, Edie Stansbury, Gary Stoddard, Ryan Woodburn June 12: Paula Babcock, Lucinda Miller June 13: Gavin Lee Johnson, Kyle T. Olson June 14: Danielle Lynn Dewey, Todd Martin June 15 Bill Delcamp, Torsten Mieko (AFS), Josh B. Person, Tracy TeCulver Happy anniversary greetings June 2: Robert Jr. and Deanna Crossley, Larry and Marlene Smith June 5: Joe and Jennifer Nickerson, Dan and Heather White June 6: Kick and Karen Crane, Wes and Roberta Tenpas June 7: Cyle and Brittany Cole June 8: Daren and Deidra Crane June 11: Greg and Dawn Field, Ron and Marlene Olson June 15: Craig and Mandy Rogers



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