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Students lose in adult vote

June 14, 2011
Westfield Republican
Once again, decisions by stubborn adults have come back to haunt students of an area school.

At last week’s Brocton school board meeting, female athletes came forward to make pleas for soccer or volleyball. For the Board of Education, which has been pinching pennies for the last two budgets, it is no easy decision.

For the adults in attendance - specifically those who rejected merger ideas - their response to the students was questionable at best.

“Get involved in the Boosters,” said Bob Head, an unsuccessful school board candidate last month. “If you want something, they need everybody helping. I used to be involved with the Boosters and at times there were only six people working.”

Steve Smith, another resident, said: “If you want something, you have to work for it.”

Let us get this straight. The girls need to “get involved?” It looks to us as though they already are. They are attending a board meeting and attempting to play a sport.

Plus, the girls need to “work for it” when other schools across the county already offer these sports?

Ultimately, it sounds like the turf contests played by adults two years ago in defeating a merger option are really starting to penalize worthy students of learning and extracurricular experiences they deserve during their educational years.

But hey, that is the way the ball bounces. At least those adults “saved their school.”


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