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WACS officials need to look at other cuts

February 25, 2011
By Dave Babcock

Lately it seems when I read the paper there is something about money issues with the school. It’s money, from what I understand, that never should have been paid out to begin with. As a school taxpayer of Westfield, I am irritated and frustrated.

This isn’t uncommon with the school. Remember it was only a few years ago when the school asked the taxpayer to volunteer extra money (besides the tax money you already pay) to help maintain the school building and a few other things. Shortly after it was voted on and passed, the school evidently found money in an account they didn’t know about. Not being able to pay back the taxpayers money, we had to accept that and move on.

Now reading the paper the taxpayer has had their money misspent again. People that get paid for items that they know are wrong are dishonest and can’t be trusted. I believe most people that know it is wrong would try to mend the problem; this would be paying the taxpayer back. Then there should be other consequences to follow.

With that being said, on February 28 at the school meeting they will be voting on cutting out a varsity sport. The school said that they will need to do this for the lack of money they have. If there is a lack of money, then the whole sports program needs to be looked at equally. One sport is no more important than the other. The sport that the administration is looking at ending is Varsity Wrestling, a sport that has grown in the past years. Wrestling is a sport that has a lot of potential for the students.

Before ending a sport I think the school should look at jobs that could be cut. How many kids are in a class? If class numbers are low, then we need to put classes together, and unfortunately will have to lay off the excess teachers. This would need to be done throughout the whole school. Remember one group of students or teachers is no better than another. They are all equal. That should save quite a bit of money, possibly enough money that the school is looking for and more.

Then maybe since the school makes the students do community service, shouldn’t the teachers be a good leaders and show the students an example of community service? The taxpayer, I believe, pays the teachers extra money to be chaperones for the sports. That would save a lot of our tax dollars if the teachers would do this as a community service. A lot of people do community service in the things they believe in.

Then if needed, look at the sport programs to cut. Most people would start cutting sport programs at an elementary level, then to a middle school level, then finally at the varsity scale. At an elementary age we are trying out different sports to see what we like. Then at a middle school level we tend to get a little more serious in sports, maybe starting to favor a sport. Then on the varsity scale, we have chosen the sports we tend to take seriously and push our selves academically and athletically to do the best we can because we are striving to succeed and be accepted for a sport scholarship.

Because the administration doesn’t understand a sport it is not a reason to cancel it. Why the student should be punished for the administration mishandling our tax dollars, when there’s a money problem you start at the source, not with the student.

I am simply asking the board and the administration to remember when they were in school. Probably you were in a sport and that may have been the reason why you pushed yourself in school and may be even received a scholarship that helped you succeed in your life. Sports are a big part of growing up and also help form you into the person you want to be. I’m just asking you to trim the fat at the source of the problem, not with the students that give you a job.

There is nothing personal with the administration or the board. I know your jobs are hard enough without my criticism, but we do need to be honest and fair to do the best job possible. Just because a person is higher up on the scale doesn’t mean you have to agree. The board is there to question, and do what is right for the student and community.

If you’re tired of the mishandling of money and the misleading, we as a community need to start taking pride in our school. Go to the board meeting and give your opinions. Please come on February 28 at 7 p.m. and show that you care.

Dave Babcock is a Westfield resident.



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