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New York meat animal marketings and gross income rises

June 12, 2009
Westfield Republican
New York livestock producers marketed 249 million pounds of meat animals during 2008, up 21 percent from the 2007 total of 205 million pounds, according to Stephen Ropel, Director of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, New York Field office. Cattle and calves marketed were up 28 percent from a year earlier. Hogs and pigs were 14 percent lower, and sheep and lambs slightly below pounds sold in 2007. Meat animal cash receipts, totaling $157 million, were up 32 percent from 2007. Gross income from livestock during 2008, which includes the sale of meat animals and the value of home consumption, totaled $161 million, up 31 percent from a year earlier. Cattle and calves accounted for 92 percent of this total. Calf prices, averaging $99.50 per hundred pounds live-weight (cwt.) were down 4 percent from 2007. Cattle prices, at an average of $52.20 per cwt. during 2008, were up 14 percent. Gross income from cattle and calves during 2008 totaled $148 million, up 37 percent from a year earlier. Hog and pig prices averaged $36.00 per cwt. in 2008, down 2 percent from the previous year. Gross income from hogs and pigs during 2008 totaled $9.9 million, down 16 percent from 2007. Sheep prices averaged $44.90 per cwt., up slightly from 2007. Lamb prices averaged $104 per cwt., 1 percent above 2007. Gross income from sheep and lambs during 2008 totaled $3.3 million, down 4 percent from 2007. At the national level, 2008 gross income from cattle and calves, hogs and pigs, and sheep and lambs for the U.S. totaled $65.2 billion, down 1 percent from 2007. Gross income decreased for cattle and calves and sheep and lambs, but increased for hogs and pigs. Cattle and calves decreased 3 percent, sheep and lambs decreased 5 percent, while hogs and pigs increased 9 percent.


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