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Necessity Is Mother Of Invention

May 29, 2008
I have a high level of buyer resistance for many of the items the home industry considers must-haves like large-screen TVs, robotic vacuums and massive outdoor grills. But, recently, I’ve developed a dire need for a new and innovative product that could make my life far more enjoyable. And, I’ll bet you, too, would welcome one of these dandy units.

The invention I’m waiting for some genius to craft would be a giant form of “come-along.” It would carry a name like the “Space Stretcher 2020.”

This magical creation could be attached to any section of the home in need of expansion. Then, with the flick of the switch, the invention would tug the area into new, more comfortable dimensions.

In February of 2005, after months of living in a camper, we moved into our new home. It was a lovely and, at the time, spacious replacement for the smaller dwelling we lost to the fury of Hurricane Charley in 2004.

The new place felt like a palace. We knew we’d never again feel cramped.

But, that was three years ago and, as any homeowner knows, space mysteriously shrinks in direct relation to the time spent living there.

Today, the huge kitchen that seemed to echo when we moved in, has shrunk dramatically.

The counters that used to stretch to infinity, are filled with such necessities as a microwave, blender, can opener, toaster and a large assortment of other needed items. The wee area I constantly struggle to keep free of clutter is barely large enough to set my mixing bowl on baking day.

A Space Stretcher 2020 would make quick work of providing me another five or six feet of counter space.

Then, there are the closets. At first, I was sure we’d never fill them with our modest collection of clothes. We were going to have ample storage space for decades. At least that’s what I thought at the time.

But, here, too, the space has somehow closed in around our belongings. These days, we make sure we have a family member stand by if we decide to venture into the depths of the overstuffed closets. There’s a chance we won’t find our way back out.

So, I’m ready to hook up a Space Stretcher 2020 to the walls of the closets and traction them to a new and more usable configuration.

I know there are innovative folks out there, searching for an exciting challenge. This one could revolutionize the renovation trades and give untold millions of us a chance to breathe easier.

So, if you’re the next Edison and you’re looking for a sure-fire project, I pass along this idea free of charge. Just remember, as soon as you patent this gem, I get first dibs.


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