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Tribute to Cody Green, USMC

July 25, 2012 Dear Editor, I submit this tribute to Cody Green and the USMC as an after the Fourth article, particularly for the senior citizens who don’t have access to computers or Facebook. more »»

At the Hands of Man

July 25, 2012 Have we brung our own demise? Will the planet end at the hands of man? Will our want for a pleasure cruise Fan the fuel of our demise? We always try to watch the skies For any hint of asteroids But... more »»

Lost Alumni Muse

July 11, 2012 Almost time to close the doors Time again to kick me out No more time to spend at Ron’s Musing on the upcoming reunion Wondering how many alumni will show up Faces I haven’t seen in years Reminded... more »»

Is parenthood worth it?

July 4, 2012 Young man, pacing back and forth In that hospital’s waiting room, Sweating bullets like no tomorrow. Young nurse comes though the door. more »»

Fathers’ Day Lament

June 27, 2012 Sitting here on my cajones In front of my cone honeys Still here putting pen to page Of come to age each after Ides To start the summer season off With a Fathers’ Day weekend holiday Not the kind... more »»

Memories of Fathers’ Day

June 27, 2012 I thought today was Fathers’ Day I went to church expecting sons Found that I’m a week ahead Called my boys to stay in bed Well the thoughts of dads were in my head I might as well put them to page... more »»

Fathers’ Day Lament Too

June 20, 2012 Fifty-eight and a week or so Didn’t get the gift I sought To have my sons on Father’s day At church with me, but came to naught No appears or trace or call No response from them at all One daughter... more »»

Father’s Eve Lament

June 20, 2012 Near early eve of Fathers’ Day Sitting on some Holy steps Pondering now what to do That dinner plans have just dissolved No birthday eats for me and Ty The timing’s not right for Uncle Dick So I’ll... more »»

Marriage discussion drowned in emotions

June 6, 2012 Marriage discussion drowned in emotions Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican Factual discussion of same sex marriage has been drowned in a sea of emotional fur. more »»

Don remembered

June 6, 2012 Sitting on Don Nash’s bench Remembering the loss of a friend Taken by bus over a year ago And comes to mind each Memorial Day I come to sit as oft I can When there’s not much searing sun Because... more »»

Westfield Post Office takes part in ‘Stamp Out Hunger’ drive

May 30, 2012 On Saturday, May 12, the Westfield Post Office again participated in the National Association of Letter Carriers “Stamp Out Hunger” program which benefits the Westfield Food Pantry. more »»

White hawk memories

May 30, 2012 Sitting in Duos abode the park After all of the Festivities are at an end All the lost are memorialized And everyone’s hunger satisfied Sit on only bench in shade This respite from the blazing sun... more »»

Memorial afternoon muse

May 30, 2012 Sitting in Duos abode the park After all of the Festivities are at an end All the lost are memorialized And everyone’s hunger satisfied Sit on only bench in shade This respite from the blazing sun... more »»

Angels in Westfield

May 23, 2012 If you are ever in doubt that angels exist, please take a moment to read this letter. I am the “Nana” of 6-year-old Cassidy. more »»

Early spring lament

May 23, 2012 What a treat to sit again In the sun with gentle breeze Renew my place upon a bench Glad it’s not another day of freeze Well, so much for the gentle breeze Have to move to sheltered steps To muse... more »»

A growing list of values

May 16, 2012 To the Editor; On my refrigerator is a list of the values that I try to live by: work hard, play fair, save before you buy, and leave the world a better place. more »»

New market muse

May 16, 2012 Near end of May and still threatens rain As the marketers are here again Setting stalls up in the park To vend their wares again this year Familiar faces along the walk Both of venders and patrons... more »»

Chaperone for Westwinds enjoys many aspects of trip

May 9, 2012 Last weekend I was privileged to chaperone the Westwinds trip to Colorado. This amazing group of students was a pleasure to travel with and wonderful to listen to perform. more »»

A note of remembrance

May 9, 2012 To all our friends, near and far Thank you for all you have done to Help us through this very difficult year. On May 2, 2011: The United States lost a citizen serving his country.. more »»

First Park Muse

May 9, 2012 Feels good to have the sun return Though the wind still seems to chill As it passes through the rays While I’m musing in the park No chance I’m going to break a sweat May even need an extra shirt A... more »»



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