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A look at some more old Westfield restaurants

March 17, 2016 “What is in a name? A “rose” by any other name would smell as sweet!” My former friend, named “Rose,” was chuckling as she shared a recent quip of one of her customers with me to the effect that she... more »»

My short life of crime

March 17, 2016 In my tenth summer, I briefly became a thief. This was no ordinary stealing adventure. I had many years of Sunday School classes behind me. I knew all about coveting. more »»

The true story of ‘The Song of Minnie Minton’

March 10, 2016 While browsing through the May 27, 1942 Westfield Republican newspaper on microfilm, the following leading paragraph of a column titled “PICK UPS” caught my eye. more »»

An aging snack that’s still on top

March 10, 2016 There are many things in life that get better with age. Wine is one. Some cheeses, too, profit from aging. Candy, however, is generally not on the list of edibles that improve over time. more »»

Information on ‘Sam the Greek’ sought

March 3, 2016 Overheard: A recent conversation between the Westfield historian and a local resident who also grew up in Westfield in the 1940s and 1950s: “Do you remember ‘Sam the Greek’ or his restaurant?” “I... more »»

I suffer from ‘But First Syndrome’

March 3, 2016 I’ve been battling a strange malady lately. You might have had a case of it, yourself, at one time or another. Yesterday’s bout was typical. more »»

A look at the Minton House, and its burning

February 25, 2016 “SWEPT BY FIRE!” (Westfield Republican Nov. 24, 1909, Page 1) One of the most climatic years in Westfield’s History was 1909. more »»

Electricity in small packages

February 25, 2016 Those convenient little bundles of energy known as batteries are everywher. more »»

Want to be a local hero?

February 19, 2016 During their early hero-worshiping years, many little boys announce, “I wanna be a fireman when I grow up.” And, in today’s society, many little girls have the same dream. more »»

A history mystery: Who was the first Town of Westfield Supervisor?

February 18, 2016 A recent email posed the question, “Could you find the past Highway Superintendents and Supervisors of the Town of Westfield? I was trying to find out who has been in office…so they could be... more »»

Digging into the history of Healy Hall

February 11, 2016 A couple weeks ago, a postcard image of Healy Hall was posted on one of the Facebook pages devoted to “Greater Things About Westfield NY” and caught my eye, and instigated my fingers flying across... more »»

Where are the mature types?

February 11, 2016 The economics expert on the evening news confidently detailed methods for solving the government’s financial problems. But instead of listening, I was simply staring. more »»

History mystery solved: Bark Grill’s bark went up in 1937

February 4, 2016 As most faithful BeeLines readers know by now, your Westfield Historian does not cease research until a history mystery is either solved, or at least all known resources have been gleaned of as much... more »»

Communicating in other languages

February 4, 2016 For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by languages. Even as a kid, the cadence and rhythm of another tongue drew my attention. more »»

Searching for the bark that named ‘The Bark’

January 28, 2016 “The Bark Grill” was the subject line that appeared in a Westfield Historian email, sent by “Marty” on December 14, 2015. “Ms. more »»

A hiding place for family junk

January 28, 2016 Every family has one. It’s the last resting place of all the mini junk that filters through our lives. And, it’s aptly called “the Family Junk Drawer.” No one ever plans for a junk drawer. more »»

A look at the Peacock connection to 32 McClurg Street

January 21, 2016 As described in Part 5A, we have eliminated all of the children of Charles E Peacock (186 E. Main St. Peacock Home) from being the Peacock residents at 32 McClurg St. more »»

Home wasn’t ‘Ruined By Blast’ in ’38

January 21, 2016 “Peacock-Pitts Home Ruined By Blast - House Moved Several Inches Off Foundation. more »»

Modern makeup’s magic

January 21, 2016 Last week, I made a major investment. No, I didn’t buy a new car or pay up-front for a Carnival Cruise. Instead, I finally took the plunge and bought a new lipstick and powde. more »»

Famous village residence not always home to Peacocks

January 14, 2016 After reading the Buzzings from BeeLines in November 2015, which included a “Sneak Preview about the Peacock Homes,” a message from a faithful reader read, in part, “As you look around Westfield for... more »»



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