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Just Outside My Door 09/27/12

October 3, 2012 Last Saturday and Sunday the dreary skies, rain and cooler temperatures affirmed the fact that autumn had surely arrived. We already knew that fact because the fall equinox was Saturday, Sept. 22. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 09/27/12

October 3, 2012 Sherman Town Board meets at 7:30 p.m. tonight, Thursday, Sept. 27, in the town office on Mill Street. more »»

An almost painless way to save

September 26, 2012 Over the past few years, with the nation’s economy so deeply depressed, it’s an ongoing challenge for average folks to keep their heads above wate. more »»

Just Outside My Door 09/20/12

September 26, 2012 One of the loveliest times of the year in my estimation arrives Saturday. It matters not whether it’s sunny, cold or rainy, for the fragrance of autumn is in the air. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 09/20/12

September 26, 2012 Sherman football, volleyball and cross country teams are currently competing with other area schools. more »»

Getting there has changed

September 19, 2012 Among the many items disappearing from life these days are paper road maps. You know, the ones everyone had in the glove compartment, the ones that were handy to have, but impossible to re-fold. more »»

Just Outside My Door 09/13/12

September 19, 2012 It’s my pleasure to bring greetings to you all once again. Hopefully you have been enjoying the continuation of summer-like temperatures thus far this month. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 09/13/12

September 19, 2012 Happy birthday greetings Sept. 13: Kimberly Carris, Lois Cummings, Kim P. Oehlbeck Sept. 14: Adrianne Baran, R.J. Boerst, Dave Brown, Brandon Coccarelli, Devin Putney Sept. more »»

Get ready for mealtime disruptions

September 12, 2012 It happened again yesterday evening. The phone rang just as we sat down to supper. Our friends and family members are seldom so thoughtless as to call at that particular time. more »»

Just Outside My Door 09/06/12

September 12, 2012 Labor Day marked an end to some of the summer activities even though the temperature is like that season. Some things are beginning to change. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 09/06/12

September 12, 2012 Minerva Cub will meet at 1:30 p.m., on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at Minerva Free Library. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Dorothy Verry in the loss of its mother. more »»

Keeping up with today’s English

September 5, 2012 As a writer, I’ve long been a “lexiphile” — that’s a fancy name for someone who is fascinated by words. more »»

Just Outside My Door 08/30/12

September 5, 2012 Editor’s note: This column is a reprint from yesteryear as Elaine Cole is taking a well deserved break. The month of August is half gone, but summer is still with u. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 08/30/12

September 5, 2012 Happy birthday greetings Aug. 30: Rachel Biekarck, Terri Chambers, Lee Ulsh Aug. 31: Jillian Ray Endress, Earldine Forturne Sept. 1: Kayla Cady, Julie McCray, Melissa Person Putney Sept. more »»

Ah, those tiny, traveling messages

August 29, 2012 They used to be rare, those license plates that bore abbreviated communications telling the world something about the attached car’s driver. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 08/23/12

August 29, 2012 Happy birthday greetings Aug. 23: Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Cole Kimberly Cole, Duane Gabriel, Leann Fisher, Amanda Miller Aug. 24: Fawn Fisher, Florence Turner, Fannie m. Burkholder, Jim Weise Aug. more »»

Looking back to a lifetime ago

August 22, 2012 Last week’s mail brought an unexpected announcement that pushed my nostalgia buttons. It was the official invitation to the 60th reunion of my high school graduating class. more »»

Just Outside My Door 08/16/12

August 22, 2012 We had a change in our weather last week Friday, having had a thunder and lightning storm Thursday night. It was only 70 degrees for the weekend. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 08/16/12

August 22, 2012 We have only a little over two weeks of August until September arrives, and local school youth will return to school after Labor Day. more »»

August has a something for everyone

August 15, 2012 When the calendar makers were organizing their lists of special dates, they managed to overlook poor end-of-summer August. more »»



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