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Just Outside My Door

November 7, 2013 I had forgotten how November came Across the hills in quiet shadows of gray; My heart was full of bright October’s flame, Of bittersweet and sumac, then today I lifted solemn eyes and found the worl... more »»

The news we’ve been missing

November 7, 2013 Although Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer have been reporting on the ongoing problems with Obamacare and the flap over the U.S. spying on its allies, we’ve all been missing the BIG news of the da. more »»

A neighborhood of Halloween traditions

October 31, 2013 In those long-ago days of my Texas childhood, my home base was Carleton Street. Unlike many neighborhoods, our little corner of Ft. Worth, Texas, was settled with families that stayed in one place. more »»

Just Outside My Door

October 24, 2013 I bring greetings to you all on a chilly 45 degree windy, partially sunny and rainy day. We haven’t had a hard frost so our flowers are still blooming. Since we often get one before Oc. more »»

Clothing favorite turns 140

October 24, 2013 Here’s a groaner for you. more »»

Make the most of your donations

October 17, 2013 It’s “please give” time again. Every year, as the holidays approach, charities from near and far swamp us with requests for financial support. We Americans are a generous people. more »»

Just Outside My Door

October 17, 2013 Our beautiful warm, sunny weather continues as of the 12th and it appears it will continue even longe. more »»

Just Outside My Door

October 10, 2013 “There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on feelings, as now in October. more »»

Family to the rescue

October 10, 2013 Last week, the computer gremlins moved into our lives and brought chaos. Tim’s computer was the first to fall victim. Then my usually-trusty Dell slowed to a craw. more »»

Just Outside My Door

October 3, 2013 Now, upon the open canvas of the countryside, God has painted beautiful scenes of harvest time. Underneath the bright blue sky the pictures change day by da. more »»

Baby Boomers trying to slow time

October 3, 2013 Across the country, legions of plastic surgeons, skin cream manufacturers, dietary supplement makers and others involved in the anti-aging field are chanting, “The Boomers are coming! The Boomers ar... more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman

September 26, 2013 By Elaine Cole Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Damon Janes, friends, football players on the Brocton-Westfield team and all other football players in Chautauqua County and other... more »»

Just Outside My Door

September 26, 2013 I bring greetings to you all on this 70 degree lovely Friday morning (Sept. 20). We’ve had several such days this week even though the nights have been mostly colder. more »»

The telephone: then and now

September 26, 2013 In the long-ago years of my childhood, the family’s telephone was big and black and lived on the wall in the downstairs hallway. A chair and stand... to house the small Ft. Worth telephone directory.. more »»

A preference for pillows

September 19, 2013 I’m a lifelong fan of those cushy comforts known as pillows. Through the years, I’ve gathered a collection of soft, cuddly squares, rectangles and roll-style bolsters in a variety of sizes and colors. more »»

The Paper Plight:?Curbing the endless clutter

September 12, 2013 Lately, I’ve been battling a seemingly-unstoppable assault on our living space. No, it’s not termites, mice or even those pesky mosquitos. more »»

Just Outside My Door

September 12, 2013 Although Autumn is not fully here, we are seeing more and more signs that it’s just around the corner. more »»

Just Outside My Door

September 5, 2013 As I looked out my window this morning and then checked the thermometer outside, I thought it’s great to feel the warmth of a summer day though I know it’s really September. more »»

Just Outside My Door

August 29, 2013 I sit at my computer on another sunny morning wondering just what I should write about. I usually ponder that thought a day or two before it’s time to begi. more »»

Sneezin’ season is in full swing

August 29, 2013 For those cursed with seasonal allergies, the month of August is a challenge. That’s due to the fact that all those pesky ragweed plants have started wafting their potent pollens into the air. more »»



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